Big Dry Creek Dam

The largest of FMFCD’s flood control dams, is Big Dry Creek Dam is located northeast of Clovis, generally between Temperance and Dockery, and Alluvial and Copper Avenues.

About This Dam

  • Built in 1948 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and operated by FMFCD since 1987
  • Intercepts flood flows from Big Dry Creek and Dog Creek
  • Has a maximum capacity of 30,200 acre-feet
    • Only 6,126 acre-feet or 20% of the total capacity was used during the record-breaking storms of December 2022, and January/February 2023

Interesting Fact

For most of the year, there is no water behind the earthen dam. The land is leased for cattle grazing and used for helicopter practice maneuvers.

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