Alluvial Drain Detention Basin

The smallest of FMFCD’s dam sites, Alluvial Drain Detention Basin is located between Temperance and the east edge of Fresno Irrigation District’s Enterprise Canal, east of Armstrong, running for a third-mile south of Teague Avenue.

About This Dam

  • Built in 1993
  • Intercepts flood flows from Alluvial Drain
  • Has a maximum capacity of 989.4 acre-feet
    • 432.78 acre-feet, or 44% of the total capacity, was used during the record-breaking storms of December 2022, and January/February 2023

Interesting Fact

Along the canal bank, on the west side of the site, there is a paved walking trail and a wildlife observation pavilion built with the help of Prop 1E grant funds.

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